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Small character printer yucheng(YI-CHENG)Introduction to laser printer

yuchengHas many years of experience in laser coding (laser flight marking).
Nowadays, laser coding is in the stage of rapid development and growth. yucheng to positioning the mid- to high-end market. From design to material selection, we start from the nuances and break the traditional concept. The product perfectly combines the practicality, stability, beauty and performance of the laser printer. The after-sales service starts from quick response and labor cost savings.
The products developed by Yucheng include: carbon dioxide, optical fiber, ultraviolet laser printer, laser spray code supporting automation products.

yucheng,Concentrate on the most cost-effective laser printer!
          And look forward to working with you in a good market order!

Tel:0757-85513982, Welcome to inquire

Product Details

Small character printer uses a pull-down menu, print-ready information, and can be barcoded, QR coded, and tower-printed, with count alarm output to meet the needs of modern production.

Small character printer has a maximum vertical dot matrix of 34 points, and has a communication serial port and a USB interface. The human-computer interaction is more intelligent and convenient.

The operating system has been redesigned with modular redesign to further enhance the stability of the same type of reliability, and to quickly provide customers with customized features.

The upgraded automatic cleaning function ensures more thorough cleaning of the nozzles and pipes.

Improved one-piece nozzle for improved stability while ensuring a clearer print

YI-CHENG Small character printer performance parameters

Printing capabilities

Nozzle aperture

60/50/40(70*) )micron

Technical Parameters

Nozzle constant temperature
Diameter: 35mm Length: 260mm
Print height
Number of lines printed 1~4lines tube
Length: 2700mm
Diameter: 21mm
Bending radius: 150mm
Maximum number of printing dots
34 dots
Non-contact printing distance
Input system Standard American keyboard Electrical requirements


Optional dot matrix font
power 120W-150W
net weight 27KG


Optional ink type Pigments, dyes Temperature/humidity range 5~45°C Relative humidity 30~90% no frosting
Optional ink color Black, white, yellow, etc.

Convenient design

Consumables added Drawer, spin type
Special ink PE, alcohol resistance, high temperature resistance, migration resistance, oil film, invisible ink, etc. Communication function vRS232 serial port, USB interface
Diluents Choose according to ink type
User field QR code, barcode, pattern, clock, timer, shift, etc.
detergent Choose according to ink type
Information editing WYSIWYG editing interface, Chinese full spell input
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