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Release time:11/16/2019 2:58:59 PM

With the increasing demand for the application of QR code printers, the QR code printer has become a relatively popular printing equipment, although it can be realized with the improvement of the technical level of the QR code printer. The printing resolution is very high, and it can be denied that some improper operation will still affect the resolution of the printing. How to better ensure the stability of the printing resolution of the QR code printer?
一、Accurately set the charge value
Foshan inkjet printer
due toQR code printerThe particularity of printing, in the specific cooking process, due to some factors may need to adjust its system parameters, if the parameter adjustment is not accurate, it is likely to affect the clarity of the QR code printer. Therefore, in the process of modifying the parameters, if you do not master the precise operation mode, it is necessary to contact the high-end QR code printer and the after-sales service personnel to do the targeted service implementation in time, so as to clear the QR code printer. The perfection of escort.

二、Environmental factors

The use of two-dimensional code printers also has certain requirements for environmental elements. In particular, if the dust caused in the production line is too much, it may affect the realization of the definition. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the nozzle regularly during the use of the two-dimensional code printer, and it is necessary to pay attention to the relevant dust prevention work.

三、Temperature problem

Ink is not a high temperature or low temperature resistant ink. In high or low temperature environments, it may affect the realization of sharpness. Therefore, in this process, as far as possible, according to the requirements of the two-dimensional code printer for temperature, it is to control the temperature adjustment. As far as possible, according to the temperature requirements, the standard QR code printer works to create the environment.

In fact, the function and use of the QR code printer are relatively perfect now, and the problem of clarity can be solved very well. However, some external conditions should be well-checked in specific use. Really ensure the perfection from the inside out, in order to better provide a truly valuable comprehensive care for the realization of the printing resolution of the QR code printer.
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