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Release time:2019-11-13 17:02:57

LED inkjet printer is a special printer that is applied to some ubiquitous products in daily life for spraying production date and expiration date, as well as related manufacturers' information. The development of LED inkjet printers has progressed with the times. The more it is driven by the vast number of production-oriented enterprises, from a single large-scale LED inkjet printer to a hand-held small inkjet printer, all kinds of models are available, then, the main types of LED inkjet printers are introduced:
1、Handheld printer

The hand-held LED inkjet printer is a more widely used inkjet printer equipment on the market, a hand-held LED inkjet printer, a manufacturer of small commodities that faithfully serve, and a small production facility with a precise structure. Moreover, the special structure equipment for dustproof and drop-resistant, hand-held LED inkjet printer can quickly perform rapid coding on some special small-sized, such as bread cake packaging, and because of its hand-held coding characteristics, it is very suitable for various types of belts. The production function of the store is flexible, and the handheld LED printer can be used continuously after charging for a long time, so the loyal service of LED inkjet printer has won the support of many stores.

2、Small character inkjet printer
Foshan inkjet printer
Small characterLED inkjet printerIt is a kind of LED inkjet printer specially used in the pharmaceutical industry. The speciality of the small character LED inkjet printer lies in the ink used in this special type of inkjet printer, and the number of times of technology and the number of times of coding are completely affected by relevant state agencies. The remote control, because the small character LED printer is the object of more strict control of the pharmaceutical industry, so this type of printer needs to have networking conditions to use.

The above is a detailed introduction of the current two mainstream LED inkjet printers. In addition to the easy-to-use handheld LED inkjet printer, which can be personalized for free use, the small character LED inkjet printer needs the relevant institutions before use. The technical approval of the personnel will enable the company to spray the words on the corresponding outer packaging. Select the corresponding LED printer according to your needs.
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