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Generally speaking, the fonts such as the barcode of the product package are clear, which will directly affect the customer's perception of the product. In general, the quality of the product will increase in the customer's mind with a clearer barcode. Therefore, when using a UV inkjet printer for inkjet processing, it is necessary to understand the relevant introduction of the UV inkjet printer. So what are the advantages of UV printers?

一、The structure is more precise and dustproof

UVPrinterThe appearance of the appearance is often not cumbersome, and its internal structure is tight, and each part will be better combined, which means that the dustproof performance of the equipment is better. In addition, the materials used in the equipment are relatively good, and all the equipment is also relatively resistant to falling. This also makes the service and quality of the UV printer a great guarantee.

二、Automatic coding and clear marking
UVWhen using the printer, it is often necessary to pay attention to whether the ink it sprays is clear enough. Because the manufacturer has accurately produced the equipment, the general equipment can often perform the automatic inkjet work, and the code is printed out. Patterns and barcodes are relatively clear. This advantage also makes many product vendors feel that the device is more practical.

三、Functional diversification
Foshan inkjet printer
Generally, traditional inkjet printers can only spray some simple fonts. However, the function of the UV inkjet printer is more diversified. Not only can the inkjet fonts be printed in different types of packaging products, but also the products belonging to the product itself can be sprayed according to the company's requirements. To some extent, it can be said that the spraying efficiency of the package is greatly improved.

It can be seen that the UV printer has these advantages. First, the results of the equipment are relatively tight, and the internal results are relatively stable, so the equipment is not only dust-proof but also relatively resistant to falling. Second, the equipment can be automatically coded and the printed mark is clearer. The third is that the UV printer has a variety of functions, whether it is a font or a pattern device can be sprayed.
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