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    Electric eye isPrinterOne of the indispensable parts of the project, such as its name, the so-called "electric eye" is the eye of the inkjet printer. Only through the electric eye, the brain of the printer knows that there is an object passing through the nozzle. Down the code.  
        The working principle of the photoelectric eye is that a light beam is emitted by the light generator. When an object passes its working distance, part of the light is reflected back to another mechanism of the electric eye: the light receiver. The signal is sent to the CPU after photoelectric conversion. The presence or absence of this signal has become an indispensable sensor in the field of industrial automation. When choosing an electric eye, we need to pay attention to the following points: First, the size of the printed product determines the type of electric eye we use. General product size below a matchbox size we must use fiber optic eye. On the contrary, the photoelectric eye is used. Second, fiber optic eye must be used when the product spacing is less than 0.5 cm.
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  In addition, there are other types of electric eyes available for users to choose from, such as: color-coded electric eye, fiber amplifier and so on. When users choose a brand, they should try to choose some products with more reliable quality, because the unreliable electric eye is not only sensitive, but also often prone to failure, so users must carefully understand before purchasing.

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