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Release time:11/7/2019 3:35:50 PM

influencesPrinterThe main factors of the printing speed are the processing speed of the computer, the data transmission speed, the data processing speed of the processor speed inside the printer, the buffer size, the nozzle size, the number, and the like.The internal data processing functions of most home printers are very weak and must rely on handheld printers to print data processing. Therefore, in many cases where the system configuration is low, the main reason for the slow printing speed is not the printer itself, but the processing speed of the computer is too slow.
  For text printing, data transfer is not a big problem, but the amount of image data printed is large, and the data transfer speed may be a bottleneck affecting the printing speed. If the transfer speed is too slow, the print head stops and waits for data. Ordinary printer port (parallel port) only about 1Mbps high-precision image electronic supervision code printing is obviously not enough, the new inkjet printer generally supports the USB interface data transmission capability, data transmission capability can reach 12Mbps, so there are Conditionally, it is possible to have a USB interface as much as possible. High-end printers also use the FireWire Firewire interface for faster transfer speeds but require a special interface card. laser marking machine

  If you start from the beginning of printing to the end of printing, the print head keeps moving continuously for a moment, there is no pause and delay in the middle, this speed is probably the limit of this printer, which is determined by the size and number of nozzles.
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