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Release time:2019-11-6 17:25:31

          PrinterIn the course of use, we have learned that it must be used in conjunction with the production line equipment. In practice, the fully automated features of the laser printer can be realized, but the inkjet printer industry itself is to make the logo easier, so Even some non-automatic production sites,We can still see the image of the printer, because the printer has a good design of external equipment. At the time of design, the printer industry fully considers the expandability of the printer and the different production conditions. It may identify the situation, so as long as there is a suitable external equipment, the printer can work with the manual to complete the marking, so that the traditional manual production industry can also enjoy the modern production identification results.

Foshan inkjet printer

         The external equipment that can be assisted by the printer can include a pager, a conveyor belt, etc. The price of the equipment itself is within a reasonable range, and the manual use threshold is low and convenient to use. Therefore, in our hand-made production site, equipped with such equipment and the use of inkjet printers will not bring higher costs, but will make the logo effect doubled, making the product packaging look more beautiful. The manual use of the printer is also very simple, as long as the product that needs to be printed can pass under the nozzle of the printer, the printer can create a beautiful product logo on the product. It should be noted that the nozzle of the printer is fixed, so the manual control is the identification part of the product, and the remaining work is to let the printer complete itself.
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