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Release time:10/23/2019 3:36:00 PM

        computerPrinterIn practical applications, there are many types, such as small character inkjet printers, high resolution inkjet printers, and large character inkjet printers. We are collectively referred to as computer inkjet printers in the marking industry. How to clean the computer printer for a long time? Today, take the most commonly used small character inkjet printer as an example to share the cleaning process of the small character model of the computer printer.
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        The cleaning of the small character inkjet printer involves two aspects, one is the cleaning of the machine itself, and the other is the manual cleaning and maintenance of the small character printer. During the daily operation of the computer printer, only the correct cleaning of the printer is required, and the printer can automatically clean the entire circulation line. If the computer printer fails or is not used for a long time, we need to manually maintain the printer. The most important thing is to clean the nozzle of the computer printer. First, put a container under the nozzle, use a special cleaning agent, align the ink on the nozzle, the charging pole, the detecting pole and the high-voltage deflecting plate to wash. Note that the cleaning agent can not directly hit the ink line during cleaning to avoid the ink line cleaning. After cleaning, wipe the detergent with a paper towel.

Foshan inkjet printer

In the actual application of the computer printer, strictly following the operation process of the printer is the key to the maintenance and maintenance of the computer printer.
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