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Release time:10/22/2019 11:36:00 AM

        Non-woven fabrics are generally produced by using polypropylene pellets as raw materials, melting at high temperature, spinning, paving, and hot-pressing crimping. In the case of widespread application of non-woven fabrics, users are not allowed to use non-woven fabrics. The requirements are becoming more and more strict, and identifying the corresponding information is inevitable. What problems should be considered in the coding of the non-woven fabric industry?
         First, non-woven fabricPrinterModel selection. Because the non-woven fabric has a certain adsorption, whether it is a dot matrix printer or a high resolution inkjet printer, it can be satisfied, but after testing by the printer manufacturer, it is found that after the high resolution inkjet printer is used for the code, although there is no After the textile itself is adsorbed, it still takes a certain amount of time to dry the ink. Therefore, in the non-woven fabric industry, the first recommended by the printer is to use a dot matrix printer to carry out the coding.
 Foshan inkjet printer
       Second, the printer supplies. We all know that the printer consumables are consumables. In the daily use process, the cost of consumables is also very important. The good inkjet printer not only guarantees the quality of the coding, but also saves the consumables during daily use. An important indicator of the pros and cons of the printer.
 Foshan inkjet printer
        Finally, the after-sales service of the printer. Unlike other printer manufacturers, the printer manufacturer promises to provide free on-site service during the printer warranty period, regardless of any problems with the printer.
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