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Release time:10/18/2019 4:51:06 PM

       As everyone knows, nowPrinterWidely used in food safety and other industries, due to the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the food on the market is increasingly rich, and food safety is getting more and more people's attention, because it is related to people's health and closely related to people's lives. No matter where you buy things, most people look at the shelf life of foods at first glance. Only when the shelf life is guaranteed, people dare to buy them.

       Food safety issues have emerged in an endless stream. From the "premature birth" incident of milk to the incident of rat meat mutton, all of them have caused panic. There are many food safety hazards around us. It is also because these incidents have occurred from time to time, which has caused people to attach great importance to food safety.

Foshan inkjet printer

       Whether it is a well-known enterprise or a private workshop, food safety incidents have been raging from time to time throughout the country. The establishment of a complete food safety system is a general trend. Except for the finished products of industrial foods, in daily life, the meat, vegetables, and various products we eat need to be tested, labeled, and listed before entering the market because of the need to maintain freshness, health, and safety. Vegetable basket. A food traceability mechanism during this period is slowly forming, which has brought about the development market of foodjet printers.
        Today's foodjet printers are a bit different from traditional inkjet printers. In order to prevent repeated occurrences of food fraud incidents, printer manufacturers have installed a software with random data changes for foodjet printers. Each identification number is different, which makes food safety more secure.
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