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    As a kind of technology product, energy-saving lamps have been widely promoted and applied. As an energy-saving product, replacing ordinary incandescent lamps in the future market is already a matter of nailing, which means that sales of energy-saving lamps will be in the future. There will be explosive growth, and many businesses are eyeing this area.
    Energy saving lampPrinterthe application came into being under such a background. Before that, most of the manufacturers still basically stayed at the stage of pad printing, and the printing effect of the pad printing machine itself was not bad. To some extent, it was better than the printer. The effect is still more beautiful, but the pad printing machine has a fatal weakness, that is, the production efficiency is too low, which is obviously untenable in the booming energy-saving lamp industry, and the weakness of the pad printing machine happens to be the inkjet printer. Advantages, so the printer has undoubtedly replaced the pad printing machine and boarded the big stage of the energy-saving industry logo.
    Commonly used energy-saving lamps are printed on the lamp housing. The shape of the lamp housing is generally curved. The customer's coding requirements are various. Some only spray a small segment, while others need to spray the entire circle. In the former, our printers recommend that a conveyor belt be used. Workers only need to place the product directly on the conveyor belt. For the latter, a rotating device is required. It is used to make the lamp housing process during the rotation process.
    The following introduces the advantages of the rotary platform of the printer: Reduce the manpower, compared with the traditional printing logo, the automatic coding platform has a faster printing speed, the daily output can be effectively improved, and the manufacturer is guaranteed in other aspects. The speed is not affected by the coding process, which improves efficiency. Generally speaking, a standard printer rotates the platform.
 Foshan inkjet printer
1, according to the configuration is different. A variety of PLC brand specifications (including Mitsubishi, Siemens, etc.) can be selected, and different platform sizes (desktop size, desktop height, overall shape and size support) can be selected, and interface molds of different sizes and quantities (standard is 6) Conventional model interface mold), suitable for energy-saving lamps of different sizes and calibers, the electrical part includes the sensor part, and the warranty period is generally 2 years.
2, the price of materials will be different. The selection of stainless steel plates and the selection of fine-tuning bracket aluminum, as well as some details of the local quality grades, there will be a certain price difference.
    The inkjet printer will play an increasingly important role in the energy-saving lamp industry. As an auxiliary equipment, the inkjet printer not only improves the product level for the energy-saving lamp manufacturers, but also regulates the market order and makes the coding of the energy-saving lamps. It has become a necessary process in the production process.
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