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Release time:2019-10-15 17:40:55

      The coding technology has been used in the tobacco industry for a long time, except for printing various numbers (valids, lot numbers, logos, product names, etc.) on various packaging (packaging, strip, carton) of tobacco products. What is important is that through the outstanding application of coding technology, our company can provide enterprises with product anti-counterfeiting, sales management, flow tracking and other identification solutions that meet your various needs.
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    InkjetPrinterAnd the laser coding system is a non-contact coding technology, whether it is on a small cigarette pack or a strip of cigarettes, the carton is loaded, whether it is on a plastic film outer packaging or a metal canned or carton pack, whether it is a single piece Packaging or full-box packaging can meet the marking requirements of high-speed and different materials in the tobacco industry, ensuring that the information printed on the printed materials will not be erased or damaged.
  Coding technology cooperates with many tobacco factories and tobacco monopoly bureaus, and has considerable practical experience, including printing various kinds of graphics, letters, letters, numbers and other information at high speed and clear on various packaging materials. 0.8 mm print area.
 Foshan inkjet printer
  Printing random code or anti-counterfeiting code function, so that each cigarette or each small cigarette pack can have a separate code, direct identification, fast and easy; also can print the price, promotion and other information in the package of cigarettes On the box, it can effectively control the sales price of tobacco, prevent market fluctuations, help consumers quickly identify genuine products, and protect the legitimate interests of manufacturers. The patented UV Invisible Ink is used in the packaging of tobacco to increase the strength of anti-counterfeiting. 
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