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1. The application industry is different.
  Small character inkjet printers are used in food, beverage, pipe, pharmaceutical packaging, alcohol, cable, daily cosmetics, electronic components, PCB circuit boards and other products. Common printing contents include common three. Period (production date, expiration date, shelf life), and manufacturer LOGO pattern, counter, time information and other content.
  UV inkjet printers have great advantages in packaging labeling and variable-code printing. They are often integrated into packaging equipment such as rewinding machines and other automation platforms. They can be used for large-format variable information spraying on labels or some permeable materials. Codes, such as common two-dimensional code information, one-dimensional code information, multi-line pattern, multi-line text identification, etc., printing speed is fast, high resolution, can achieve a similar printing effect, can reach 200m faster /min, often appear in printing and packaging manufacturers,

  2. The printing height is different.

Foshan inkjet printer

Small characterPrinterThe printing height is generally between 1.3mm-12mm. Many printer manufacturers will advertise that their equipment can print 18mm or 15mm height. In fact, it is rarely able to be achieved during normal operation. Generally, such a height will exist. The distance between the products is too far, the characters printed will be very scattered, it seems that the quality of the printing effect will be greatly reduced, the dot matrix may also be neat, affecting the product quality. In general, the more common product information printing height is generally Between 5-8mm.
  3. The price difference is large.
  The difference between the UV inkjet printer and the small character inkjet printer is also very important. It is the huge difference in the purchase price. The threshold difference is very much. For the KINGLEE U series UV inkjet printer, the price of a bare metal machine is almost Q. More than 4 times the series of small character printers, with the automatic production line, the price will be further improved, so many small production plants are discouraged.
  In the process of use, the cost of use and maintenance costs, the two devices are also different, the small character inkjet printer is relatively simple to use, maintenance operation, maintenance and maintenance is cheaper, the inks and solvents used are more common, belonging to More economical identification equipment.

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