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一、PrinterMost of the consumables use ketone-based or alcohol-based inks, mostly acetone, alcohol and other cleaning fluids.Pay attention to the following points when using:
  1. Many inks contain nitrocellulose as a binder, so flammability is very high when dry, and oxygen is generated during combustion. Therefore, it is better to use a cooling method such as water.
  2. Any used cleaning materials are fire hazards. For example, paper towels for wiping, etc., must be recycled in time and processed in a safe manner after use.
 Foshan inkjet printer
  3. Do not use water to extinguish fires caused by electrical appliances. If it is necessary to extinguish a fire caused by nitrocellulose ink, etc., you must first disconnect the power supply.
  4. The chemical reagents of the printer's consumables are all flammable and explosive, so be careful to prevent fires during use.
  Therefore, users can't be sloppy when using it. Be sure to pay attention to the above-mentioned aspects to safely use the printer's consumables.
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