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Release time:2019-10-9 11:13:32

The printer is used in many products, and the failure is a headache in the use of the product, and there is no reason for the printer to leak the leak. It is a problem that many customers are bothering now.NowadaysPrinter manufacturerJust to explain why you will cause the printer to leak?

1. The inkjet printer always leaks the product on the production line, because the electric eye in the inkjet printer is not installed properly. In the case of leakage, the installation position of the electrophoretic eye should be adjusted. The electric eye is a sensing device. The installation is accurate. When an object appears, it will be detected, and then the printer will print on it. If you do not adjust the position of the electric eye, then many products will leak.
Foshan inkjet printer
2. In the work of the printer, there may be damage to the electric eye in the printer. In this case, the electric eye and the cleaning around the electric eye should be cleaned first. If there is no problem with the fiber, then the brightness of the fiber is not adjusted, and the brightness of the fiber represents the sensitivity of the eye. Therefore, it is necessary to check the electric eye condition in the printer before working.
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