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Everyone knows that as long as it is a device, there will be some problems in the process of using more or less, so when you use the printer, you will also encounter high pressure on the printer. This kind of fault can be said to be a kind of fault. Safety measures, the high voltage of the printer is set to prevent uneven high voltage field or leakage, etc.butIt broke down many people but did not know the reason and how to deal with it. Below, there are printer manufacturers to talk to you.PrinterWhat should I do if there is a high voltage failure?

1. The absolute value of the plate voltage of the high voltage deflection plate is different.
When its ink or other objects touch any one of the plates of the high-voltage deflector, the absolute voltages of the two plates are not equal. The machine is in protective measures, reporting high-voltage faults and automatically shutting down.

2. The high pressure deflection plate is too dusty.
Check that the high-voltage deflector on the print head is clean and cleaned. After drying, it can be used normally after turning it on.
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3. The ink line position is incorrect or the self-height setting is too small.
If the printed characters are missing half of the characters, a high voltage fault will also be reported. This may be because the ink line is not positioned correctly or the self-height setting is too small.

4, ink points are not well split.
Corresponding checks and adjustments can be made. If you can't repair it yourself, you should contact the printer manufacturer in time, and the professional engineer will come to repair the printer.

In the above four cases, the printer's high-voltage fault may occur, so you should pay more attention when using it!
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