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          PrinterThe basic principle is that,The ink line is divided into breakpoints, and the breakpoint ink droplets are deflected by a high-voltage electric field, and the ink droplets fly on the surface of the moving product to open the desired mark. What is the reason for the small character printer without breakpoints? The following printer manufacturers analyze the six reasons and solutions for the small character printer without breakpoints.
    1. The small character inkjet printer nozzle is slightly blocked, and the breakpoint shows a very dense state, and the gap between the dots and the dots is small. Use the self-contained cleaning power switch machine to try several times; or remove the nozzle to clean the pass, generally repairable.

  2, the detection of the pole problem, the detection pole is the detection of breakpoints, the quality of the charge has a great relationship with the stability of the machine, so the detection should be kept clean, cleaned with a cleaning agent. Of course, there is a little bit of ink acceptable, but not too much ink, especially dry ink.

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  3, the problem of the nozzle piece, the nozzle piece device, including the nozzle piece substrate, the gemstone piece, the gemstone compression washer, the sealing ring, the front baffle, the fastening screw. There is a problem with the nozzle piece and the nozzle piece is replaced.
  4, the problem of ink, the ink used in the coding equipment is too long, the ink may deteriorate or expire, the ink will fail, the charging is not good, there will be no breaks, after the construction cleaning, replace the ink, Try again.
  5, the problem of the pressure pump, experienced engineers, first listen to the pressure of the pressure pump is unstable, this can provide some basis for the pressure and the situation of the nozzle, then look at the breakpoint, if the breakpoint is very dense, put the pressure of the coding equipment Tune up a bit.
  6, the problem of crystal oscillator. There is no voltage on the crystal oscillator of the coding equipment. Check whether the crystal oscillator is connected to the circuit board. If you need to replace the circuit board.
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