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         PrinterIn the daily use process, sometimes the word of the code is not clear and incomplete. Therefore, it is necessary to check the printer more, find it in time, solve it in time, and not affect the production. The following printer manufacturers Talk about the reasons why the inkjet printer is not clear, incomplete, and some solutions:
        How to solve the problem that the inkjet printer is not clear
  1. The cause of the inkjet printer may be unclear because the ink is not enough. The ink is used up or the ink is too little. Check the ink of the printer. If there is no ink or too little ink, replace the ink cartridge.

  2. It is also possible that the content of the code is set incorrectly. The height and width of the character of the coded code exceed the larger value of the printer. The height and width of the character should be readjusted to the appropriate value.

Foshan inkjet printer

  3. Or the reason of the printer nozzle. Use the cleaning agent nozzle to align the nozzle for three or five times to dissolve the ink on the surface of the nozzle, gently press the disc in the middle of the cartridge, and wait until the ink flows smoothly from the nozzle. Wipe the surface of the nozzle, and then try to spray the code. Or empty the entire ink path with the cleaning agent, and then re-ink. If these can not solve the problem, you need to contact the printer manufacturer.
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