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1. Try to avoid scratching
The nozzle film is relatively thin, if it is scraped by external force, it will easily break or fall off, and if it is not properly operated, the nozzle film will be damaged. For example, if the nozzle film is not covered with the nozzle, the operation is performed. , the nozzle film will be twisted out of the nozzle, causing damage to the nozzle.
2. Avoid connection with cleaning solution
When we clean the printer with the cleaning solution, if the residual cleaning solution is not rinsed, the glue of the nozzle film will easily react with the cleaning solution, causing the nozzle film to fall off. Not only that, but the cleaning solution remains for a long time. The inside of the nozzle will cause corrosion to the internal circuit of the nozzle, which is not conducive toPrinterLong-term maintenance.
3. Can not collide or wipe the nozzle part
After the nozzle film and the nozzle are in close contact, if the nozzle of the printer is wiped with something, it is easy to cause the nozzle film to fall off or be damaged. If you want to clean the nozzle, you can flush it with water, but remember not to let the water flow too much, otherwise it is easy. Fall off.

4. Can not soak the nozzle

Foshan inkjet printer

Once the nozzle film is placed on the nozzle, it is difficult to take it off. If the nozzle is soaked with water for a long time, the adsorption capacity of the nozzle membrane will be reduced, making it easy to fall off.
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