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        The breakpoint is used to adjust the position of the ink line disconnection. By changing the crystal voltage, the position of the breakpoint is changed, and then the printing effect of the printer is changed. For example, the occurrence of typing, unclear, overlapping may be related to the breakpoint. Generally, at this time, the breakpoint can be adjusted to make the typing clean and neat.

        The higher the breakpoint value, the better or the lower the better? The character of the small character printer is different, and the set breakpoint value is also different. There is no fixed value. It can only be set within a certain range according to the corresponding brand. The specific value needs to be contacted by the printer manufacturer for detailed consultation. Under normal circumstances, the viscosity of the ink is reduced. Typing is not good. You can try to lower the breakpoint. When the ink viscosity is high, the typing is not good. You can adjust the breakpoint position a little higher.So thatPrinterTyping is normal. Breakpoint position It is a range, it may be within this range, there are several breakpoint positions to make the typing become normal and clear, for example: 0--200 range, you may adjust to 40 when the typing is normal 80, 100 , 150 may also be normal typing. This depends on the disconnection position of the breakpoint. In addition to the recommendations of the printer manufacturer, the specific operation requires specific analysis.

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