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Release time:9/17/2019 4:46:54 PM

         Due to small charactersPrinterIt is one of the most widely used models in our production. Here, the coding mainly introduces the problems that should be paid attention to during the use of small character inkjet printer consumables. It is hoped that the enterprise users who use the printer will have some help.
        First of all, we all know that we must guarantee the choice of original consumables for the selection of consumables for the printer. Since the ink components of different brand inkjet printers are different, the applicable model equipment is also different. If you choose alternative consumables, it will affect the quality of the printer and the life of the printer. For enterprise users, the production cost is certain. To a greater extent, the use of alternative consumables is not worth the candle.

        Second, pay attentionPrinterThe date of manufacture and shelf life of inks, solvents, and cleaning agents are generally marked on the consumable packaging. The shelf life of the printer's consumables is about 1-2 years, so when purchasing consumables, you must ensure that the printer supplies are used up within the validity period.

Foshan inkjet printer

         Again, in daily use, pay attention to the addition of ink and solvent of the printer to ensure stable and normal operation of the equipment. If a machine alarm occurs, be sure to add the corresponding consumables in time.
         Finally, in our daily production, sometimes the equipment is deactivated. If the equipment is deactivated for a long time, we must clean the ink in the printer's pipeline in time to ensure the cleaning of the components of the printer.
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