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Release time:2019-9-5 11:37:58

In recent years, QR codes have been seen almost everywhere, thanks toPrinterPowerful role in QR code applications,PrinterIn the current market, it is a hot label product, and as a medium, the product information is more representative of the two-dimensional code.

  The development of QR code can be described as a springing up. It is the content of many products in different industries including food, electronics and daily chemicals. It also occupies an important position in the marketing and promotion of goods. On the one hand, it is the enterprise and users. The interaction is strengthened. On the other hand, under the general environment of social science and technology development, the reading of the two-dimensional code becomes convenient and fast, making the QR code increasingly become the new favorite of the logo.

  Since the start of the food traceability system, it has produced a more obvious effect, which has played a favorable role in promoting the development of the food industry and the food safety of the people. Food safety has been stably built and promoted thanks to the development of information technology; a relatively important trend is the promotion and use of QR codes. The QR code can carry a large amount of information and has strong anti-fouling ability, and has a unique advantage in anti-counterfeiting.
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  With the rapid development of two-dimensional code, network connection, bar code Internet access, business activities, business card exchange, product traceability, anti-counterfeiting source, data encryption and other functions can be realized. With the development of two-dimensional codes, the demand for QR code printers has also increased. It can be said that the world has entered the digital, network, two-dimensional code era, the inkjet printer industry will enter a new round of development space.
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