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Company Profile
All the staff of our company have accumulated rich technical experience and management experience in many years of practice. The technical professionals have served the original factory of Videojet and LINX, Domino, Willie, etc., and have solid theoretical foundation and practical operation ability.

The company has a technical platform for inkjet printer maintenance, and has a large number of professional technicians of inkjet printers. It can quickly repair the motherboards, pumps, data boards, power boards and other various circuit boards and ink path accessories of various brand inkjet printers. Quality assurance, price concessions, and long-term warranty period have greatly reduced the maintenance cost of the printer. Our company also provides professional inkjet machine operation training, providing special application software for inkjet printers, providing integrated equipment for inkjet printers, conveyor belts, feeders, labeling machines and other supporting equipment and inkjet printers. The overall plan for the use of consumables has formed intimate services such as supply, technology and maintenance.

The company's business philosophy is: adhering to the technology-based, honest and reliable, service intimate, thinking that all printer users provide "cost first" solutions for the lofty mission, to achieve a win-win situation, so that we become your choice .

We sincerely provide customers with stable and cost-effective products and sincere, fast and excellent technical services.