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Spray code effectIf you decide directly on the choice of printer model。At present, the printing effect of the inkjet printer on the market mainly has two forms, one is dot matrix type, and the other is printed body. The enterprise user directly determines the model selection of the printer according to the printing effect that the product needs to achieve. The printing effect of small character printers and large character printers is dot matrix. The high resolution inkjet printer and the high resolution inkjet printer are all printed, and the corresponding inkjet printer can be selected according to the company's coding requirements.

The packaging material directly affects the choice of ink for the printer. The packaging material is divided into water-absorbing material, semi-absorbent material, non-absorbent material, etc. according to water absorption. Generally, water-absorbing material (wood, uncoated carton, sheet, Non-woven fabrics) The requirements for inkjet printers are not high. Ordinary water-based inks and ketone-based inks can meet the problem of adhesion. Semi-absorbent materials, non-absorbent materials (coated carton, plastic bags, profiles) require high adhesion of inkjet printers, and small-character inkjet printers and large-character inkjet printers generally use high-adhesion inks. High-resolution inkjet printers and high-resolution inkjet printers use quick-drying inks. The influence of packaging materials on inkjet printers is also the most direct.

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The amount of production determines the coding method of the printer. According to the coding method of the printer, it can be divided into two types: hand-held inkjet printers and online inkjet printers. Handheld inkjet printers are mainly used for identification information on products that are not easy to move, such as small production volume and large-sized special shapes. Online inkjet printers are suitable for independent production lines or for companies with large production volumes. Many users are considering the hand-held inkjet printers when considering the low price and convenient operation of the hand-held inkjet printer. Many people think that there is a certain misunderstanding. The choice of printers will ultimately require production identification.
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