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Release time:10/28/2019 10:14:59 AM

PrinterThe occurrence of partial code in the course of operation is one of the most common faults. What should I do if there is a “bias code” phenomenon in the process of using the printer? How to control it properly? In the face of these problems, give users some suggestions when they use them.
1. Use photoelectric lens with stable quality and reliable performance;
2. Adjust the installation position of the electric eye and the correct adjustment of the electric eye;
3. Ensure that the product does not move in the production line;

4. Choose the correct printing dot matrix to avoid the production line speed is faster than the printer

Foshan inkjet printer

At the same time, when it is found that the inkjet writing is unclear, please carefully adjust the nozzle of the cleaning printer, carefully check the ink line, adjust the splitting value of the ink dot according to actual needs; adjust the height and width of the character until the printing is clear.
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