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Fiber laser inkjet printer Yicheng(YI-CHENG)laser inkjet printer

Yichengas many years of experience in laser code printing (laser flight marking).
Today, laser inkjet is in a high-speed development and growth stage. Yicheng is positioned in the middle and high-end market. From design to material selection, we start from the details and break the traditional concept. The products perfectly integrate the practicality, stability, beauty and performance of laser inkjet printer. Also, our after-sale service is all about quick response and labor cost saving.

Yicheng,Concentrate on the most cost-effective laser printer!
          And look forward to working with you in a good market order!

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Product Details

The fiber-optic FA series is designed to be reasonable, compact and reliable. It can mark clear and non-deformable effects at a line speed of 200 m/min. The optimal maintenance-free time can reach 100,000 working hours.

Application range Metal or some non-metallic surface markings in manufacturing, microelectronics, automotive, medical equipment, watches, hardware, jewelry, sanitary ware, building materials and pipes.
Equipment model FA-120/220/320
Laser power 10W/20W/30W
Laser type Fiber laser generator (wavelength 1064)
electricity demand 220 V,AC 50/60 Hz,1 KVA
Maximum straight line
Marking speed
12000 mm/s
Operation interface 10-inch integrated touch screen
Targeting Focus red light, preview red light
Coded format 70x70 mm,110x110 mm(optional)
Communication Interface USB, RS232, network port
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