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Ebs-250 + handheld inkjet printer Number of nozzles: 16
Nozzle diameter: 150u, 120u, 170u, 200u
Font height: 8-27mm
Number of printing lines: 1-2
Maximum information storage: 10 pieces
Maximum number of characters in a single article: 1500
Working position: any position
Charging time: < 2.5h
Continuous working time: 50 hours
Ink bottle capacity: 110ml

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Product Details

Ebs250 + hand-held inkjet printer is the upgraded version of ebs250, which has the function of scanning and inkjet based on the original function, and adopts the integrated technology of barcode scanning, wireless communication and inkjet printing.

At present, ebs250 + hand-held inkjet printer is widely used in the storage and logistics of large-scale goods and outer packages in the logistics and express industry and other industries. It can quickly identify the order number, mobile phone address, product traceability identification number, etc. to help customers achieve product traceability and anti-counterfeiting and anti fleeing.

Ebs250 + can scan and print in two ways:
1. In the split type, the data is transmitted to the inkjet printer through the wireless connection of the peripheral scanning gun;
2. Integrated type, the scanning head is installed directly on the inkjet printer, and the scanning head transmits the data to the inkjet printer for identification in real time after obtaining the data;

★ plane, arc surface, spherical surface, smooth surface and rough surface can be spray printed;
★ metal, cable and wire, steel, oil, cement, wood, stone, glass and other materials

Product features:
★ exquisite, portable and flexible printing
★ text message with a maximum of 1300 characters
★ the maximum printing height is 27 mm
★ scanning and printing real-time transmission, namely scanning and spraying
★ remote control Inkjet Printer menu, up to 50m
★ equipped with quick drying ink to ensure clean and tidy surface
★ built in industrial customized battery, charging for 2.5 hours, working without interruption for 50 hours

★ number of nozzles: 16
★ nozzle diameter: 150u, 120u, 170u, 200u
★ font height: 8-27mm
★ number of printing lines: 1-2
★ maximum information storage: 10 pieces
★ maximum number of characters in a single article: 1500
★ working position: any position
★ charging time: < 2.5h
★ continuous working time: 50 hours
★ ink bottle capacity: 110ml

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