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Release time:2018/8/10 10:48:47

As a rubber product, automobile tires should of course have a production date or batch number. However, we have investigated that the tires on the market have no production date and no marking. The industry practice is generally the labeling date and batch number of the tires. But this is easy to change and it is not easy to track the quality of the tire. The survey showed that in the complaints about the car in the complaint, the car owner's attention to safety has increased significantly. In a typical complaint, the main problems include puncture, bulging, cracking, etc. In this regard, industry experts remind consumers that in fact, tires also have a shelf life, although the country does not stipulate the shelf life of car tires, but in the automotive industry experts, car rubber tires shelf life is about 3-5 years, even if it has not been used When the tires are out of age, rubber and cords will age, the steel wire will rust, and some fine cracks will appear on the surface of the tires, which will weaken the strength of the tires. Once such tires are on the road, it will definitely affect the safety of the vehicles.
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Although the car rubber tire printer does not indicate the date of manufacture, careful friends will find a set of 4-digit codes on the sidewall. For example, 0108 stands for the 01st week of 2008, which was produced in early January 2008. The implementation of this set of codes was successfully identified by the printer. Many people will have questions. How do you implement the code mark for a giant weapon like a rubber tire compared to the logo of other small packages? The proposed solution is based on the rubber tire coding requirements and can be used with a rubber tire printer. The rubber tire printer can not only clearly mark the tire, but also meet the arc print of the rubber tire. The inkjet effect is clear and beautiful. The all-round multi-angle flexibility of the car tire printer also makes it easy for the operator to use.
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